Pitches of the World

There are many corners of the world that lack the basic means to live making basic day to day activities a chore. Lacking in certain necessities can be detrimental to the health and well being of these people.

Pitches of the World is a campaign with the goal of assisting communities around the world.These communities are places that we typically see first hand. They are communities in a flux of change, wanting better themselves, their community and the communities around them. 

The goal of Pitches of the World is to help provide these materials and products to communities in need to promote a better lifestyle. Medication, food and water are simple basics necessary for everyday life. We hope to alleviate the pressure of obtaining these necessities so these communities have the ability to concentrate on activities of enjoyment such as football. 

With any purchase of a product labeled *POTW* we will be donating 15% of the proceeds to helping these communities and individuals live better lives.


Thank you for your support.

 -The Squared Limited Team 


Current POTW Projects:



Boa Vista, Fazenda Grande, Torrinha

Bahia, Salvador, BR

Homes to The Quilombos, people of African origins, we had the opportunity to stay with them for a couple of days and learn about their culture. They reside in the thick of Brazil, with some of the closest towns being about an hour or two away. Unfortunately distance from regular society has never been the main issue for the Quilombos; in fact it's been the opposite. They are in an ongoing fight with farmers and the Brazilian Government for land that they themselves preserve and live on.When you have no land, you have no home. This puts a lot of strain on the Quilombo people who fight everyday for this human rite. It is our wish to help them in their time of need. With a purchase of any POTW apparel, a portion of the proceeds will be used to prepare the next generation of Quilombo people for a better means of life.