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 The other day a friend asked me why I created this brand with an emphasis on the beautiful game. My brand stems from my time playing. During my youth I experienced what many footballers have experienced; a prejudice for looking different, players and coaches believing you’re not good enough and the most important, self doubt.  As I grew up I had the idea of creating an ecosystem where everyone could be understood. I wanted to make a brand that empowered "your brand of football," if you will. Whether it's 11v11 beach football, or street, football is a place where you can bring your individualism and be accepted.

Sqdltd Logo 2018

Squared Limited is a brand for the people from all parts of the globe. The name of our brand Squared Limited, has an underlying meaning. Being on the pitch, it can be easy to suffer from tunnel vision and feel boxed in. You have the pitch with its boundaries, defenders ready to surround you, teammates willing you to do something with the ball and coaches and fans watching your every movement. In this kind of environment it’s easy to feel “limited” in what you’re capable of doing. It’s a mind game. Squared Limited, is a remembrance that even with these limitations, these obstacles do not define you or your game.

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 The message of a limitless mentality is embedded in our latest logo, the NW (No Words) logo. All that matters are the goals at each end. After that, let your feet do the talking and let your mind run free. The No Words logo is all about spreading the love for the game and positivity anywhere you play with anyone. No matter what, between two sets of goalposts we are all the same with one common goal: To enjoy the beautiful game.

No Words Colombia

No Words Pride

Our slogan Speed, Quality and Determination; Living The Dream is our every day motivation to help you get better as a player with every day fits and of course on our end, make our brand what we envision it to be. To move with speed is to move with purpose in football and in life itself. Ensuring everything is done with quality is one of our main goals in the apparel industry with each step heading towards a more sustainable entity. With quality on the pitch, you become an unstoppable force. Lastly, with our ongoing determination to make the brand what it will be, we continue to ensure that ideology of living the dream on and off the pitch.

Sqd Living The Dream

Squared Limited, embodies one belief, the belief to 'Be Limitless.' When it comes to being on the soccer pitch or dealing with the pressures life brings around it's easy to feel boxed in with very little options. Squared Limited represents those who use their uniqueness to enrich their belief in themselves. Followers of Sqdltd know that there is always a way as long as you're open to it. The mind is a powerful thing; it's an unlimited source of energy. So what's stopping you from being limitless and living the dream?

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