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Meet Lil Chapeau

Our 12th man, our fans, our Mom’s who support us sitting in the stands, our Dad’s who cheer on the sidelines waving their hands, our sisters who finally look up from their phones when they can, our brothers who drive us to practice in their sedan, Lil Chapeau, is a representation of all of the people who support our game, during the highs and lows.

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Golz Mag Profiles: Football Meets Urbex! Official Interview with Freestyler Claudius Greiner

Earlier this year we came across a social media account that had a ton of style. This footballer had the cool idea to mix Freestyle Football with Urban Exploration a.k.a Urbex. Claudius Greiner, was the mastermind behind the idea, so we decided to reach out and ask him about it. You can find the interview with by_Cg9 below:  

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Technology intertwining with sports is a growing trend as new systems and programs become more involved in every aspect of contemporary life. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system is one such example. The use of this technology in the Premier League is to make sure referees do not miss calls or make mistakes. While this on the surface may seem to be beneficial to the game, not all fans are convinced it is worth the trade-off in terms of the fan experience. This system has inadvertently yet inherently slowed the game down. Fans are forced to reserve emotion pending video review in as to avoid prematurely celebrating, dampening excitement in the game’s biggest moments. The slightest or most borderline offside...

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