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SQD 5's: Our Story

At first it was all about meetups. Our mission with SQD Pickup, was to bring groups of people together and enjoy the beautiful game we love. The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia metropolitan area) boasts one of the biggest football hubs in the country and we saw an opportunity to make new friends, talk about the game and of course, enjoy good football. Anyone who’s ever played here knows just how high the competition can get at all football levels and ages. People are passionate about the game here and so are we. We wanted to share that side of us with those around us and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. But, pickup football was only the beginning. We also...

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SQD 5s Tournament: The Venue

Name: James K. Polk Elementary School Futsal Court Address: 5000 Polk Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304   Polk boasts two gated futsal courts with pre-installed goals for our convenience. The gate allows for a barrier between spectators and players for easy crowd control.   The courts also has sections for quick subbing and easy court to court access. Polk courts definitely has a little wear and tear but we believe it adds to the charm of the venue.    With highly accessible parking on the side of the school and at a school parking lot just up the street at our backup location, it makes getting to the courts quick and easy.   Our Backup Location Name: Francis C. Hammond Middle...

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The Faz Kit

Have you ever traveled to a place where your memories there live in your mind rent free? In 2019, we had the chance to fly out to Brazil, one of the biggest cultural hubs of the beautiful game. We sunbathed at the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro and soaked in the significant history of Salvador. We came to experience the many different facets of Brazil’s beauty and charm over the course of a month. Of course, it’s easy to find beauty within the major cities but the most beautiful thing we found was in an unexpected place. During our journey we ended up traveling west of Salvador to a city called Ibotirama. Here is where we witnessed how far...

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