Become a Sqdltd Ambassador

We have revamped our Ambassador Program for 2023. Take a look!

We are excited that you're interested in growing with us! We get asked a lot about how you guys can rep the brand and here's your chance! You must be active on instagram and/or twitter, and over the age of 18. By applying to become a Sqdltd Ambassador you are opting into Golz Mag, our email list. Email us at: or drop us a message here:


Sqdltd Ambassador Program 

Memberships: Our Ambassador memberships come in 5 ranks ranging from Amateur to Legendary. Everyone starts off at Amateur and works their way up. The more you work with us the higher you move up the rank.

 Product: Products will be shipped on a monthly basis. The more product you get reflects the Membership you are a part of.

Posts a Month: Instagram is one of the main channels we use to drive brand awareness and sales. The number in line with each membership is the amount of posts we expect you to make monthly.

Mentions: We love giving shout outs to the people who deserve it. The amount of shout outs you get is a reflect of the work you put in.

Promo Code: When working with us you'll be provided your own promotion code to give to friends, families and followers.

Cover Story: We love the idea of the fan base getting to know you. Let us be that platform.

Paid Promotion: How much you invest in us we want to invest in you. We boost 90% of our posts so anything that you're in will be seen by our targeted audiences.


All decisions regarding Brand Ambassadors and Brand Marketing are made under our discretion. We work hard to make Squared Limited a brand that you can follow and be proud of. If you would like to work with us don't hesitate to send us a message!



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