Changing The Status Quo

For many, soccer is not only a sport but a lifestyle. It's an outlet where someone could fully express themselves, their thoughts, and their abilities. It's a chance for them to learn new skills that tests them to the core. But for some, it's much more than just a test and more of a chance.

There is a .4% chance of getting drafted to an MLS team going through a more traditional footballing route in the United States. This stat is just one more issue amongst the many that plagues the game we love worldwide. With these thoughts in mind, Squared Limited, was created to promote fairness, equal opportunity, and invention for everyone within the football world.

The youth will be able to tell their individual stories through the SQDLTD brand and help express themselves in ways that wouldn’t have been possible whether it was due to lack of resources, a rigid ladder to success, or a lack of support or a global platform to showcase their talents. The road to becoming a professional soccer player is difficult as ever. 

Due to these constraints mentioned above, kids are finding different avenues to express themselves through the sport. Through the SQDLTD brand, we are bridging these gaps by creating and supporting different avenues to becoming a professional footballer by popularizing more niche styles of soccer, such as street soccer, futsal, and freestyle soccer through our apparel. In doing so we’ll be able to provide sponsorships and funding to help underprivileged players pursue their dreams and to educate the masses about these different areas in the sport.

At the same time, I want to help change social stigmas pertaining to people with different backgrounds in the sport and ultimately improving the lives of the youth. We want to reiterate the message that 'Football is for Everyone' regardless of s person's background, gender, ethnicity, etc.