The Legacy of Chadwick Boseman

The Legacy of Chadwick Boseman

We made this jersey in 2018 inspired by the character Black Panther, portrayed by the late Chadwick Boseman. His portrayal of the iconic Superhero was lauded by professionals in the industry and resonated with so many people around the world.

We thank Chadwick Boseman, for becoming the role model every kid needed in this day and age. His legacy that he built within the film industry will be remembered all around the world.

Chadwick Boseman, was a native of the DMV area while attending Howard University, in Washington D.C. where our home quarters are located. His contribution to film and the arts is something that we truly cherish and it has inspired us in our own work as well.

Due to his untimely passing, we've decided to lower the price of our Black Panther, inspired The District Jersey PNTHR Edition from $75 to $43. We will also be designing another Black Panther inspired jersey with an updated look in the near future.

You can purchase the jersey here:

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