The Eriksen Move: Tottenham Need Change

The Eriksen Move: Tottenham Need Change

Christian Eriksen, is a highly regarded midfielder. A lethal free-kick taker and shot maker, his key passing ability can make all the difference in a match as well as his constant motor for the full 90 minutes.

With only six months left on his contract with Tottenham, you would’ve thought Tottenham, would be scrambling to make a new deal with Eriksen, and vice versa which may have been the case a couple years back. Unfortunately for Tottenham, in the world of football things change quickly. 

The same could not be said for Tottenham. Only two players from Tottenham’s first team have moved on in recent years, Moussa Dembele and Kieran Trippier, which is somewhat of a rarity in modern day football. When improvement isn’t made within a squad it can be seen as a red flag. That stagnation led to the inevitable Pochettino, sacking last year and the feeling of indifference from players in the first team. 

You cannot deny Tottenham’s consistency over the years  to stay in top spots of the English Premier League, as well as their Champion’s League, run last year where they made it to the final and lost to the tyrannical Liverpool. But consistency doesn’t always win you titles. For that, you need something special.

Eriksen’s move to Internazionale makes sense. Italy, is a new environment, with a different culture and a different style of football after five years. So far he seems to be enjoying it having already made his debut in a win against Firoentina, in the Coppa Itália.

Hopefully this forward movement will bring success for both parties. Tottenham, have a new man at the helm in Mourinho, who is all about change. We could see new dynamics to Eriksen’s, game that will put him back in talks for best midfielder in the world. At this point the only way you can go is up.



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