Squared Limited 2021 Rebrand

Squared Limited 2021 Rebrand

The year 2020 was a complicating year to say the least. We are thankful and happy to continue sharing moments with you all in 2021! That being said, a couple of changes are being made to the brand and you’ve probably already seen a couple of changes made if you keep up with us.


New Year, New Logo

Every year since our launch we’ve continued to tweak our logo to ensure that our brand message came across loud and clear. With this 2021 logo we feel like we hit the mark.


We wanted to make sure that the essence of football is what birthed Squared Limited. The 2021 Sqdltd logo represents a football pitch with two goals on each end.  Within these brackets anything is possible hence the SQDLTD lettering in between. We opted for a bolder font this time around to invoke power behind the meaning of the logo:



This message is synonymous with our Be Limitless slogan and mentality as we carry this energy through 2021. 

Take a peek at the new collection below:


No Words Tee No Words Backpack No Words Backpack No Words Face Mask No Words Face Mask Zip Up Windbreaker White  Zip Up Windbreaker Black


The new collection will be released January 19, 2021.


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