Prepare for the Spring Season: 4 Things You Need to do to Be Ready this Football Season

Prepare for the Spring Season: 4 Things You Need to do to Be Ready this Football Season

The Spring 2023 season is upon us. Leagues are beginning to kick up once more. Cleats are being dusted off from the closet having been switched out for the favorite pair of indoors. Of course just because you shake off the boots doesn't necessarily mean you're "game ready." We know how hard it can be to get back in gear so we've provided you with 4 great ideas to get you back in shape for the spring season.


1. Find new leagues and teams

If your squad have been playing in the same league for a while and aren't feeling challenged, it could be time to look for a new home. Depending on where you're located on the globe there's a high possibility that you have another football league in the area. Or sometimes it could be a personal journey for you and you could use a new home. Either way change can be good. Don't be afraid to take a couple of risks. A new scenery breaths new challenges that a footballer can learn from.  

2. Play with new people

In the same vein as finding a new team finding a new group can be another route to take. Here at SQDLTD we're big about meeting and vibing with new footballers. It's a huge reason why we host free Futsal pickups, SQD Pickups, in our hometown in the DMV area. What better way to grow your game than to learn from people you've never played before? No one plays football the same. The more people you play against and/or play with can help grow your game exponentially. It's a reason why some teams that look great on paper in their domestic leagues falter against international clubs. The knowledge you gain from others can only help strengthen your overall game

3. Stick to a training regimen

We typically reserve this idea for footballers looking to pursue a career as a footballer but it doesn't hurt to work on your touch regardless. Starting a training regimen is a great way to get your footwork back, regain football stamina, endurance and maintain consistency. Sticking to anything is a good form of discipline, why not make it football?

4. Buy some merch

New season means new fits. Your wardrobe may be overworked after the fall/winter season. Now is the best time to refresh with some new apparel during sale season. Right now SQDLTD has a HUGE sale of our various collections. You can grab yourself a hoodie for the those chilly night matches or a pair of shorts for those practice sessions. You can shop the sale here:


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