Messiah Kit

Messiah Kit

Drop One of the Messiah Kit, is now available. The kit celebrates Lionel Messi's historic run with Argentina to the 2022 FIFA World Cup title.

The FIFA World Cup, is arguably the most prestigious trophy you can win in the world of Football. It's a trophy won by only the best to play the game and the lucky few that have won have their names etched into the history books. As these player's achievements are lauded around their world, their names are inevitably carved in stone in their native lands and chanted until the end of time. This is the one stage where a footballer can turn into a God.

Not only has Messi, won some of the most important trophies football has to offer but he has now etched his name into the book of "Football Gods."

He had to wait for the ultimate trophy but somewhat undeniably, he has won the most elusive trophy of his career, and the third for Argentina, The FIFA World Cup. Congratulations Leo! Congratulations Argentina!

You can purchase these items and more from the first drop ‘here

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