Freedom X No Fear Kit

Freedom X No Fear Kit

A collection made for the people who believe in the process. The Ajax’s and Liverpool’s who stare Fear in the face and realize there’s nothing there. Fear comes from within.

A collaborative effort from Squared Limited and our own artist and Content Creator Jed Anglade, Freedom X No Fear Kit embodies the mentality of #nofear. With heavy use of black and white and sketched freehand design the kit carries on the #belimitless culture.


The Freedom X No Fear Kit releases May 15 on in. An art event hosted by Corinto Gallery in DC, will be held in tandem with the kit release on May 25th, titled: Inner Conversations: Fear, where the work of Jed Anglade, amongst other artists will be on display. 


Freedom X No Fear Futbol Tee Freedom X No Fear Joggers Freedom X No Fear Fearless Cap Camo 

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