FIFA on the Nintendo Switch

It’s been one of the biggest headlines in the video game community since the Nintendo Switch, has come out in early March. To have a game such as Fifa means that Nintendo is finally competing with the big boys once again...right? That would be the initial thought but publishers EA, decided to leave a huge feature of the game out of the Switch version of Fifa 18 coming out in late September. What could be the reason?

To start off, this is not a review, preview or a political article on Fifa for the Switch but more of a personal opinionated article based on my thoughts. I am an avid fan of both Nintendo and the Fifa franchise. They have a special place in my gaming heart which is why I was excited when EA decided to make an effort to release Fifa on the Switch.

Now if you know the backstory between Nintendo and EA, the Fifa series in particular has always been a bit muddled. Countless ports and downgraded versions of the game have littered Nintendo consoles for about a decade (since the Gamecube really). So it wasn’t surprising to hear that the game would be missing any features in all honesty, it was expected.

My issue was never really with the missed content. I’d rather have the core of the game be on point with a smooth frame rate and awesome gameplay. This is something that is a bit of a trademark of Nintendo. My issue, and this has happened with previous EA games not only on Nintendo’s console is the lack of….consideration (read up on the Mass Effect Andromeda stories to get what I mean). When we open the box, plug the game in our systems and start to play the game, we expect a level of polish especially from a game made by a AAA game developer. Whenever I plugged in a fifa game in a Nintendo console, it was the lack of polish that was easily identifiable. If you want proof look up “fifa on the wii” on youtube for proof.

So as we Fifa lovers get ready for the new title to come out and dish 60 bucks to it I hope for one thing. I would like EA to be completely honest and transparent. If the Switch version will miss out The Journey, due to the use of the Frostbite engine I’m good with that. Just make sure there is a BE A PRO Career Mode when I load up the game. As long as the game plays like a 60 dollar Fifa game, then that’s all that really matters.

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