Fall Season 2020

Fall Season 2020

It's You Against The World.

Here's a sneak peek of the Fall 2020 Collection. This Fall Collection starts off with the release of the Panna 1v1 Kit releasing August 28th at 9AM ET. Take a look: With this kit comes a lot of items new to our shop


Panna 1v1 Tank

Panna 1v1 Track Pants

Panna 1v1 Shorts

Panna 1v1 Tech Bag

The Panna 1v1 Kit is all about your self journey. Inspired by the current social climate self growth is necessary to overcome the obstacles we are faced with today. No matter what trials and tribulations come your way, this kit is a reminder that you can go up against anything. With this kit we carry on our less is more initiative with each order being freshly made in order to reduce waste from overproduction. 

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