Fall Collection 2018 Preview

Fall Collection 2018 Preview

The World Cup has passed and summer ending is beginning to become a reality for most people. As we begin to bring in the fall season, where most of our progress with building our brand started last year, we want to take a brief look at this past summer and what's to come this Fall 2018.

This Summer 2018 has been an important one. As we continue to further our brand identity we also pushed to offer new styles and new color options. The World Cup played a huge part as we offered new abstract designs tailored to select teams of the tournament.

As we continue to grow our band we encountered a dilemma. How do we show people who we are when we haven't shown them where we come from? Our story of how we came to be is essential for how our brand functions. The ideas we come up with are engraved in our work. The streets we walk on, the soccer fields we play on, the people we play against all resembles a culture that we want to make present in our Identity.

This Fall 2018 Collection will highlight some of those ideas that we've been mulling over in the summer. Who we are and what makes us who we are is a philosophy we want to make crystal clear. Squared Limited will always be about the limitless, chasing our dreams under pressure filled moments where our faith in our own self can seem doubtful. But, in order to understand our way of thinking, you have to see what taught us.



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