Charities We Support

Charities We Support

As time passes the struggles with the pandemic and financial difficulty get worse. Households continue to struggle economically. Bills that were taken care of are now an amount of daily stress and the job search gets harder and harder day by day.

The fear of illness and financial uncertainty is a tough burden to bear. Every other article online mentions another rise in Covid-19 cases or another rise in unemployment. We want to be there to help those in need as much as we can and we hope you can support us through that journey.

We've found a couple of charities that line up with our views and morales and are donating what we can to these causes. We know that these are only a few organizations out there so we need YOUR help. What other charities, organizations, and non-profits do you believe in and that we would be interested in supporting?

Squared Limited, is not just seen as a business but a culture. We want to support those who support us in any way we can so please let us know how we can support the community.


Here a couple of the organizations that we support. We are not affiliated with them legally in any way. We support their message and believe in their efforts to provide a better tomorrow.


Tenants and Workers LogoNavajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relie

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