FW 2020 Updates

FW 2020 Updates

For this holiday season we wanted to reiterate what our message as a brand is to the people. SQDLTD isn't just a brand made to celebrate football but a brand to celebrate those who embrace the limitless mindset.


No Limit Squared Limited Poster

As we continue rolling out the FW Collection for 2020 we want to express and invigorate that No Limit mentality. Our first drop was the Panna 1v1 Kit, a collection inspired by the 1v1 game partnered with The Champions Kit, a kit inspired by the US College culture and influenced by some of the best club teams in Europe.

 Panna 1v1 Kit by Squared Limited

As we continue through November, expect mini drops of some heat coming your way. Subscribe to Golz Mag, for the latest news on collection drops and videos.


We've been making ourselves known on our YouTube channel, SQD tv. Subscribe to the channel to keep up with all of our latest moves!

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