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SQDtv Vlogs: Ep. 1

On this episode of SQDtv Vlogs, we stopped by Richmond, VA. A hot spot filled with angst due to the protests for racial justice and police brutality, we took a look around to see how the city was holding up. It didn't that the pandemic was in fool bloom. Finding a football match appeared out of the question in the middle of July, but a stop from a local bar brought us back to football reality.

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The Idea Behind The Darkdrip Colorway

We've recently released the first kit of our Fall Collection, The Panna 1v1 Kit. The Panna 1v1 Kit is an embodiment of the individual's will to win when they feel as if everything is against them. 'You Against the World' was the concept of the kit we wanted to convey. In order to tell this message we came up with many patterns and colors that could relay this message. We ended up going with what we call The Darkdrip Colorway. The Darkdrip is a combination of grays and blacks with the pattern to resemble rain droplets and sweat dripping. There are plenty of moments where we can feel undervalued and underappreciated. No one really understands the amount of sweat, the...

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