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Technology intertwining with sports is a growing trend as new systems and programs become more involved in every aspect of contemporary life. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system is one such example. The use of this technology in the Premier League is to make sure referees do not miss calls or make mistakes. While this on the surface may seem to be beneficial to the game, not all fans are convinced it is worth the trade-off in terms of the fan experience. This system has inadvertently yet inherently slowed the game down. Fans are forced to reserve emotion pending video review in as to avoid prematurely celebrating, dampening excitement in the game’s biggest moments. The slightest or most borderline offside...

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Celebrating Maradona

This week we're celebrating the legacy of Diego Maradona. Maradona was born in October 30, 1960, in Lanús and passed away November 25, 2020, in Tigre, Argentina.  Beloved by many in the footballing world and beyond he was known for his brilliance on the pitch and his vibrant personality off of it. A man who knew no bounds he was the epitome of the Limitless Mindset. In tribute we have replicated the moment he put Argentina up against England, in the quarter-final match of the 1986 World Cup. The goal will go down as one of the most controversial goals in history and be known as the "Hand of God." The "Hand Of God Kit" will only be available through our Sweepstakes which you can enter below:     ...

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