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OG 5 Years KIT

This store was built on dreams. Five years in and we’re still dreaming. The OG 5 Years Kit is a reflection of those dreams. It’s a collection that embraces the journey and pays homage to our kits of years past. 

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The Starburst Kit

The Starburst kit is a reflection of the untapped potential of the footballer. The energy and the zeal from enjoying the game is imbued in every piece of the collection. With the use of vibrant colors and patterns, The Starburst Kit, is a visual translation of, "If you want to be a star on the pitch, you have to burst onto the scene.  

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The V Anniversary

You wouldn't have known it but this is our five year anniversary. We've barely had time to celebrate it or talk about it until now. A lot has happened since, and we'll take you down the road a little bit to show you how it all started. Back in 2017, there began a movement, a realization that football and fashion would collide in a big way. People started to look for something more niche in the football culture and find other alternatives to display their love and talents in football. Here comes the rise of the footballers.Platforms like Instagram, YouTube and tiktok gave a chance for individuals to show off their footballing talents in more unique ways. Over the years...

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SQD 5's: Our Story

At first it was all about meetups. Our mission with SQD Pickup, was to bring groups of people together and enjoy the beautiful game we love. The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia metropolitan area) boasts one of the biggest football hubs in the country and we saw an opportunity to make new friends, talk about the game and of course, enjoy good football. Anyone who’s ever played here knows just how high the competition can get at all football levels and ages. People are passionate about the game here and so are we. We wanted to share that side of us with those around us and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. But, pickup football was only the beginning. We also...

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