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Sqdtv Vlog Ep.5

In our fifth episode recorded in mid July I finally made it to Nashville! I was surprised by the amount of freedom everyone had while roaming through public areas and funny enough, this is where I got my first game in! After that it was a quick checkout from the hotel and back on the road to Hopkinsville, Kentucky!  

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Sqdtv Vlog Ep.4

In our fourth episode recorded in mid July I finally made it to Knoxville. At this time I'm wondering if I should stay here, make my way to Nashville or say screw it and find some pick-up. In the end I ended up charging to Nashville, after seeing a bit of Knoxville, which I started to regret cuz Knoxville, was a vibe!

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Sqd Vlog Ep.3

In our second episode recorded in mid July I made my first stop on the road, Radford, to visit my old alma mater Radford University. I did a little mini tour of the school and the area surrounding it. Unfortunately no one was balling so I couldn't get a game in. Next stop, Knoxville, Tennessee.

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