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New Arrival: New Bllrz Slip-On Colorways

The Bllrz Ball Slip-Ons are being introduced with new colorways. These inclusions will provide more variety with the Bllrz aesthetic. The BLs and Invs will be released July 14th. The Bllrz Noirs will be released July 20th.

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SQDLTD: Store Revamp FALL 2020

The end of the year is soon approaching and with that new kits and new colorways are underway. In order to get ready for the new season, we are making some major changes: Saying Goodbye To A Couple of Kits. Earlier this year we got rid of our Basics Kit. A kit made to represent our brand name. Here are a number of kits we will be making changes to or getting rid of completely.   Tekkers Kit We will be making changes to the Tekkers Kit. The kit will be available in its current form until July 31st. From then, only selected items will appear in the store. Abstrkt Kit: We don't believe this kit has seen it's true...

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