The GOALS Scholarship Fund

The Goals Scholarship Fund was built with one idea in mind: “Keep the kids dreaming.” There are many children all around the world with dreams and aspirations who may have difficulty making that dream reality. We want to make that dream happen.

With the help of you, the Squared Limited family, we ask if you could donate in order to help the less fortunate achieve something great!


Our dream is to touch small Football communities worldwide to support their growth in building a better and safer establishment to teach young hopefuls the game. Football is the biggest sport of the world. Because of the influence football has, we believe it to be a great way for children and even young adults to get proper education, better facilities for improvement, and better fitness and health within their communities.

We ask if you could help us reach our goal of $1000 by February 27th in time for the start of the Spring Season.

Great way to donate: Every time someone purchases from our Goals Kit, 20% will be used to the GOALS Scholarship Fund.


Thank you,

Squared Limited Team


In order to donate today, click here: Donate!