This summer we would like to introduce our Partnership with the Minnesota Super Cup. It’s an exciting time for football in the United States and the Minnesota Super Cup is another big step to bringing high level football and football culture to the United States.

Culture is a big aspect to building a strong football foundation. Due to those similarities in football ideology, we are happy to work with the Minnesota Super Cup and bring our east coast football culture to the midwest.


The pitch is where all the magic happens. We opted with a full sized pitch as the foundation of the design, the final stage where all showdowns happen. The pitch is set on top of a textured color palette of Minnesota. Minnesota is known for its various natural landscapes and topography that display nature's beauty throughout all four seasons of the year. The color palette of the MNSC is a great representation of that. Combining those elements with an overlay of the MNSC logo and you have the SQDLTDxMNSC Tee.


The SQDLTD x MNSC '24 Tee is now available. To purchase one click the link below: 





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