The Goal Post 'No Words' Logo

One sport, one people. Our brand was made in support of football and all aspects that come with it. That includes the many people and cultures that play and love the game. 

We should all learn about social injustice just as we are focused about learning the game. You never know, one day you, your friend or colleague can become a victim of abuse and/or social injustice.

Our Goal Post 'No Words' logo was made as a silent protest to remind our fellow players that football is everyone's game. The two goals on each end are a message: Those two goals will never change as long as everyone can play between them with joy on the pitch. Football has the power to stop wars, let's do our part to stop social injustice in the game as well.

The minimalist look of the logo portrays the simplicity of making a football pitch. To play football, you don't need fancy goal posts or a match replica ball to enjoy the game. All you need are two ends to fight for and goals to chase. All that's left is finding a couple of footballers to enjoy the experience with. It's much simpler than you think.

The goal posts are iconic. For a long time they made the intent, the reason why we call ourselves footballers but the landscape of football is changing. There are so many different ways to enjoy the game we love without boundaries. It's the reason why we did not include a pitch in this logo. In truth, you don't need a pitch to play football. All you need is the ball at your feet and the belief to create whatever you want.