The Goals 3-Peat Kit

The Goals 3-Peat Kit

The Goals 3-Peat Kit is a celebratory collection for our three years in business. The 3-Peat Kit is an extension of the first collection we ever made, The Goals Kit.

Goals Tee WL by Squared Limited

Keeping the black and white color aesthetic, what stands out about The 3-Peat Kit is the use of a gold soccer ball incorporated with the design. 

Goals 3-Peat Bucket Hat by Squared LimitedGoals 3-Peat Fleece Pullover BL by Squared Limited

The simple graphical text design ensures that each piece can be worn by many without being too loud just like the original Goals Kit.

With the celebration of our third year in business, we have also released our flagship shoe: The Sqd Goals V-1920.

 Sqd Goals V-1920 Shors

The Shoe comes in the Goals Kit traditional colorways of black and white and its opposite white and black. The price of these starts at $90.


The First 100

As a thank you to all of our supporters and newcomers alike we are having a promotion for our first 100 customers of the Goals 3-Peat Kit. If you order a pair of the joggers, t-shirt, and/or joggers your name and the number ordered will appear on each piece you purchase at no additional cost. This a thank you from Squared Limited for supporting us.

Goals 3-Peat Fleece Pullover with Signature by Squared Limited

Like you see? Check out the rest of the kit here.

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