Sqdtv Vlog Ep.4

Sqdtv Vlog Ep.4

The fourth Episode of our Vlog segment is now live and available on our Youtube channel: SQDtv. Our vlog series will take me, Jeji, all over the country connecting with footballers from all different kinds of backgrounds. Let us know what you think in the comment section. If you want us to come to your neighborhood or if you have a favorite place you like to play, reach out! You can send us an email, comment on our channel or even here on this blog post. The more info we get from you guys the better!
In our fourth episode recorded in mid July I finally made it to Knoxville. At this time I'm wondering if I should stay here, make my way to Nashville or say screw it and find some pick-up. In the end I ended up charging to Nashville, after seeing a bit of Knoxville, which I started to regret cuz Knoxville, was a vibe!


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