Discontinuing The Sqd Goals V-1920 Shoes

Discontinuing The Sqd Goals V-1920 Shoes

As of today June 26, 2020, we will be discontinuing the Sqd V-1920 shoe. Earlier this year we released our Sqd Goals V-1920 Shoe to commemorate our third year in business. In order to have this shoe come to life, we decided to partner with a manufacturer we’ve never worked with before to help us create the idea we envisioned. After being sent a couple of samples we were happy with the product and decided to release it.

Since release, there have been issues plaguing its release including shipping difficulties, manufacturing issues, and of course the coronavirus just to name some. Due to these issues, we have recently removed them from our store.

For those who have already placed an order, we are tracking your order in all stages of fulfillment and will give any updates once we receive them. We are working on each order on a case by case basis and will respond to them once we are able. 

For the future, we will be focusing on products that have much shorter fulfillment times such as our posters and face masks. Please check our Covid-19 Statement Page to get an idea of our fulfillment times.

We do apologize for the inconvenience. This is new territory for us as well as we try to navigate through a pandemic that has rattled the world. That toppled with partnering with a new manufacturer for the shoe has made selling the shoe nigh impossible. We are thankful for the interest and feedback we got from the shoe and are thankful for your support.


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