All Shades Kit by Squared Limited

All Shades Kit by Squared Limited

We want to end racism in football. The All Shades Kit by Squared Limited is a representation of the current events of 2020.

Every day we seem to need a reminder that we are all human on this Earth and unfortunately Racism affects all walks of life. This is our response to the footballing community.

We are all the same, we just come in the different shades. The All Shades Kit is a reminder that on the pitch, we are all teammates, why not in other every way possible? No one is born a racist, a bigot, and/or prejudice towards someone. Just like how you learn to be those things you can unlearn them.

With every purchase of The All Shades Kit apparel worth $50 and over will get a book of their choice. We believe education is everything. During times like these, it's the perfect time to educate ourselves about the way our society is shaped.

Even though we haven’t written a book ourselves, we are huge advocates of broadening the mind in all aspects of life. We not only study the game but the cultures that come with it. Education is everything and with each purchase from this kit, we'll send you a book to go along with it.

You can shop for the All Shades Kit here:

Books We Are Giving Away with each purchase of $50 and over. Let us know in the (Special Instructions) section in your order which book you want:



The All Shades Kit:

All Shades Kit by Squared Limited All Shades Kit by Squared Limited All Shades Kit by Squared Limited


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