What We Believe In

Keeping Away From Fast Fashion

The street fashion scene is fast moving with different variations, colorways and patterns. One of the biggest issues that has plagued this quick transition in styles is it's effect on the fashion industry.

Quick turnovers in style and designs can cause a huge amount of clothing being removed from shelves and ultimately to the garbage.

In order to combat this growing issue we keep our warehouse inventory light. We rely on a POD (Print On Demand) system. Every time an order comes in the order is processed. This system allows us to control inventory to acceptable levels.

This system doesn't come without its shortcomings. Since we create our products on an "On order" basis print time has to be taken into account when ordering our products. We've tried to rectify this issue by keeping shipping free on most orders.

Defending The World We Live In

We want to be involved as much as possible in making this world a better and safer place. We want to create positive change and bring in a new era where the individual can help the collective. A brand is nothing without the people who believe in them. We want to build those relationships who can helps us create a world anyone can enjoy. What better way to do that then through football?

Becoming A Key Player In The Middle

When it comes to football you want to be in the mix. You want to be involved in touching the ball as much as possible and scoring goals. Trust us, we feel you and we feel the same way.

For us this isn't just an apparel brand, it's a culture brand. We want to build an ecosystem filled with all types of footballing backgrounds. Are you a freestyle footballer or maybe your passion lies with Teqball?



Attacking Our Passions

We have three goals we want to accomplish in 2020.

1. Host More Pop-Ups. We had our first pop-up towards the end of 2019. Although it wasn't perfect, it was an extreme step to learning and building the brand we want to create.

2. More Collaborations. We been making more and more connections with like minded businesses and individuals. We will continue this pattern with more 1-on-1 interviews with players, more blog posts, video content and events. We're looking to host a tournament by the end of 2020  so keep on the lookout!

3. Work and Sign With More Ambassadors. Trust us, we're all about the link ups. Are you interested in working with us? Check our Ambassadors page to see if you're a right fit. This could be you!