SQD 3's FAQs


Is there an age requirement?

It is a 16 and over tournament. Players under 18 need parent/guardian consent. Forms will be given if necessary.

What happens if a team is late, or cannot field an entire 3 man team?

A team has 5 minutes to show up. If they aren’t able to field at least 1 player it’s an automatic forfeit. The signup requires you to field at a minimum 3 players, max 5. If the team does not have 5 then they’re scrapped from the tournament.

Will there be a losers bracket? Or is it single elimination?

With the designated 12 teams, with group and single elimination. If we host with uneven teams it  will mean a change in the bracket structure which will require a change in the bracket system. 

Will water be provided?

No make sure to bring your own.

Are we allowed to sell anything? 

No, the tournament is focused strictly on football.

How will we handle an uneven number of teams? Will a team get a "bye"? If so, how is that determined?

That will have to be fixed closer to the date. It’s solely dependent on how many teams show up.

Are more than 5 players allowed on a team? Will substitutes be allowed? If so, are they allowed during the game, or in-between games?

Each team is required to have 3 players minimum 5 players max. Subs are futsal standard, on the fly.

Do referees have final say in enforcement of rules, or can they have outside counsel? If so, who gets to be "game master"?

Referees will always have final say. Of course someone will be there to regulate things but whatever call is made on the pitch stays on the pitch.

Is the tournament Co-ed?

Yes it is! The more footballers, the merrier!


Will the tournament provide jerseys to play in?

No. Each team will need to wear their own numbered jersey to the tournament matching the color mentioned when each team registers.

What if there aren't enough people in free agency to field a team?

Unfortunately free agency is solely based on interest. If a registered team doesn't have a full roster they can request a free agent. Otherwise the free agent won't be able to participate and will be refunded if they've paid the entry fee.

How do I pay the fee?

Through our CashApp using this LINK

What if there is bad weather?

If there is a possibility of bad weather the tournament will be postponed and a new date will be given. We will try our best to accommodate each team so several possible dates will be given.

What if a team pulls out last minute?

We will host the minimum amount of 4 teams in the tournament.

Will the cash prize be the same amount with less than 12 teams?

No. The $200 cash prize is set for 12 teams. If we host less than 12 teams then it will be a lower cash prize. The entry fee will also be dropped and any team that has paid the original amount will be reimbursed.

What is the entry money used for?

The entry fee is used for securing your spot in the tournament, the cash prize, and referees if necessary. All other expenses are paid by our sponsor @sqdltd. All entry fee money remains untouched until day of tournament.