The Significance of Black and White

The Significance of Black and White

One thing you may have noticed when checking our online store is our huge selection of black and white apparel. A couple of our customers have asked why only black and white? Black and white options have been a mainstay at our store for various reasons, the simplest one being: they match with everything. If you had to think of soccer related reasons, there a few.

Soccer Cleats

If you haven’t noticed in this modern age of football, cleats are a flashy way of saying, “Yes, I play that game. I play football.” There are plenty of different cleat models, colourways and brands to choose from to the point where it can all get too confusing to choose which one to pick. Through knowledge and study businesses have been able to develop cleats of the highest calibre focused on perfecting the shot, pass, dribble, whatever your preference. It has come to a point now where we know what our cleats can do but the question remains; how do they look?

The first soccer cleat is said to be credited to King Henry VIII (you can google it). It isn’t too much about the history of the cleat but more about the simplicity of it. Granted this was back in the 1500s but even so, the cleat itself is a basic boot completely made of black leather with white laces. Some would deem that boot a Classic.

Team Kits

Other than the historic combination of the red and blue in football the colors black and white has arguably been a mainstay in all aspects of fashion. That goes for football jerseys as well. From Juventus’ iconic black and white stripes to Madrid’s timeless All White Kits you can don one of these team jerseys and it’ll match with anything.


For us, black and white acts as a foundation we could build on in order to expand on our ideas in the future. Black and white offer Simplicity with a touch of class to give off a timeless feel. Your wardrobe will never have to struggle with a black or white Periodic Tee for example. For our Goals Tee the black and white contrast helps to embolden the message.

Simple. Timeless. Classic.

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I genuinely appreciate my first product from I purchased the “Striker” Tee. It’s a great fit for a decent price. Definitely going to check out the Fall Collection for my next pick!
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