The Panna Kit

The Panna Kit

The Panna

The inspiration behind our Panna Kit comes from a pretty simple concept, be different, wear with style and perform with flair.

Late nights on the tennis courts as the sun goes down and the lights start to cut on are what spawns these moments. The ball is at your feet, you against the world. You have a teammate being guarded on your left and the fence to your right. Your foot anticipates, at the ready for any threat that may occur. You go over in your head how things are about to play out. The only thing that stands between you and the goal; a pair of legs.

We live for these moments. If you know about Street Soccer or Freestyle soccer your skills determine what you can do, your personality determines who you are with the ball.

The identity of the Panna Kit represents just that. In every moment it’s time to live, time to shine.

Skill is a huge factor as you progress into becoming the player you want to be. Are you a sharpshooter able to hit all corners or maybe a playmaker able to direct the ball like a conductor in a symphony? The more skill you have, the more you’re able to do with the ball and manipulate it to your will. Shouldn’t you be able to do that with your wardrobe? Wear it with style.

One thing is for sure, to get a successful Panna you have to have flair. The Panna kit is imbued with that “flair.” The “bonito,” the “pragtige” this style of play is what gets the crowd on their feet and them cheering for you in the stands. Stand OUT.

The style of the Panna kit is simple wear it counts and loud when it needs to be. A simple logo “Panna” telling everyone you’re not afraid to go 1v1 and put the ball through their legs at will. It shows you’re not afraid to push the limits of creativity and breath in something new, something different. The Panna kit represents you, your style and your game. Don’t be afraid, stand out.

Here are a couple items:

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