The Goals Brand

The Goals Brand

Ever heard the quote, “you are what you wear?” That quote was the driving force that helped us build our brand. Goals, are what you set in place in order to accomplish a task, job, exercise that you want done. They keep you on that track to greatness in order for you to reach your highest self.

At Squared Limited, we believe that in order for you to realize your true potential you need to work on your ‘SELF’, your inner self and your outer self. It may sound superficial to care about your outer self but bear with us. Your outer self can be an immediate source of how your inner self might be doing. It’s like walking into an interview without a power suit with maybe a shoelace undone and shirt not tucked in. At least you tried sure but because the outer presentation wasn’t a good representation of yourself that potential employer may look at you negatively.

That was our idea about the Goals brand. If we wore something, a statement that we can look at everyday and remember that we had something to work towards and motivate us, then that’s what we want to wear. A simple GOALS logo says it all. If you tie the idea to the soccer pitch the only way to win is to score goals. It’s one of the best ways to know that you’ve worked hard and all of that work has paid off. Whether you put the ball in the back of the net or your teammates does it doesn’t matter. As long as you all accomplished what you were gunning for at the start then that all that matters. Have fun and score GOALS.

P.S. Keep on the lookout for a new line of Goals capri’s releasing this week featuring some new colourways.



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