SQD 5s Tournament: The Venue

SQD 5s Tournament: The Venue

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Name: James K. Polk Elementary School Futsal Court

Address: 5000 Polk Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304


Polk boasts two gated futsal courts with pre-installed goals for our convenience. The gate allows for a barrier between spectators and players for easy crowd control.


The courts also has sections for quick subbing and easy court to court access. Polk courts definitely has a little wear and tear but we believe it adds to the charm of the venue. 


With highly accessible parking on the side of the school and at a school parking lot just up the street at our backup location, it makes getting to the courts quick and easy.


Our Backup Location

Name: Francis C. Hammond Middle School

Address: 4646 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22304

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