The SQD League: Premier League Fantasy Draft

The SQD League: Premier League Fantasy Draft

The Premier League is back! We're so excited that we decided to try our luck at Fantasy Football and have made The SQD League. This is your chance to duke it out with us online. 

Pick Your Squad

Use your budget of £100m (in-league currency) to pick a squad of 15 players from the Premier League.

There are 16 spots total.

At the end of the winter break, we'll be giving away a $100 gift card to whoever holds the #1 spot. 

The draft opens up September 11, 2020 at 8:00AM ET. Here's a mock-up of how our team is shaping up. What do you guys think? 

Fantasy Premier
Compete for a chance to win.
In  order to join the SQD league FPL Draft league. Join the game here:

Once you have logged in or registered click on 'Start' and then 'Join a league'. You can then enter the league code c6j2fu to join the league.


Good Luck and see you on the pitch!
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