Liverpool Vs. Tottenham Match Analysis

Liverpool Vs. Tottenham Match Analysis

Last Wednesday, two of the most formidable teams faced off in the Premier League. This Liverpool versus Tottenham match up was surely not going to disappoint. 

The event started with all players taking a knee, a part of raising awareness of the Premier League’s “No Room for Racism” campaign, which aims to tackle the issue of racial inequality on and off the field. With COVID-19, the max occupancy for the game was a mere 2,000 fans. Despite this, and without added crowd noise for the broadcast, a clear roar would emerge from the crowd as the game went underway. No matter the problems in the world, it was clear fans would be ready to cheer on the teams, showcasing the passion that surrounds the sport.

 It was competitive throughout, but on a 90th-minute goal, a header by Roberto Firmino, Liverpool would once again rise to the top of the Premier League, a feeling encapsulated by Firmino’s celebratory sprint down the pitch. In 13 games, Liverpool would lead with 28 points. Liverpool’s Curtis Jones, who is only 19 years old, would be fan-voted as the “Man of the Match” as his excellent performance helped Liverpool come out on top.

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