Five Places to Play Football in the DMV

Five Places to Play Football in the DMV

If you don't know by now we call the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area home. The DMV is home to many different attractions and distractions. You have the landmarks of the capitol Washington D.C. the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley in VA, and the amazing seafood beach fronts of MD. This is but a small portion of what the DMV has to offer.

With all of these distractions it can be a shock to someone not from the area to learn that the DMV is also a major football hub. The DMV offers one of the most diverse epicenters in the world and with this diversity football came with it. It isn't hard to find a football pitch or a tennis court to see some footballers displaying their skills so here we mention five locations in the DMV where you can find some football. 


1. Fields at RFK

Address: The Fields at RFK Campus, 401 Oklahoma Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

The Fields at RFK are fairly new being part of a renovation project for that part of Northeast DC. Unfortunately the RFK stadium itself is now defunct but it still makes for an imposing landmark on the horizon and is great for nostalgia purposes if you had the chance to catch a game before it’s defunct status. These fields yell football adding multiple professional sized turf fields for you to tear it up in. Parking here is in abundance to the point where you’ll have to sharpen your decision making skills. There’s also a children’s park for your little ones to run around while you showcase those footballing talents. The Fields is supposedly dog friendly as well, just make sure you keep them off the turf.

4/5 (Got caught by a speeding cam on my way here, watch out for those)

The Fields at RFK 

2. Long Bridge Park

Address: 475 Long Bridge Drive, Arlington, VA 22202
Long Bridge Park is also a fairly new establishment if you’ve been in the area as long as we have. Here you can catch football of all kinds of levels from the pickups set up in the mornings, to college and amateur matches and lastly the highly intense late night recreational games (those are always the best for the entertainment factor). With four turf fields at your leisure with the imposing Boeing building as your guiding landmark Long Bridge Park is a popular spot for everyone. It’s also right next to the George Washington Memorial Parkway if you want to bike and Pentagon City Mall if you want to shop instead of playing the greatest sport in the world.
4/5 (Competition is great but with four fields space can get scarce) 
Long Bridge Park


3. Sofive Rockville

Address: 1008 Westmore Ave, Rockville, MD 20850

We’re keeping the trend of fairly new locations in this article. We discovered Sofive not too long ago and for good reason. These locations are starting to pop up all over the east coast and we hope they continue to grow. The Rockville location looked as if it had an endless amount of small sided pitches perfect for 5v5 (hence the name). The facility is also hooked up with multiple TVs so you can catch some professional matches and even a bar (can’t remember if they served alcohol or not). It’s a great place to bring a couple of friends and rent a field for an hour or two or come to one of their pickup sessions and see how many ankles you can break.

5/5 (Hopefully the pandemic hasn’t killed too much business)

4. Fairfax Sportsplex

Address: 6800 Commercial Dr, Springfield, VA 22151
The Fairfax Sportsplex is one of the oldest locations we know on this list having opened in 1992. The sportsplex has always been a popular spot for footballers to play especially during the winter times so you can always expect good competition. The main gripe would be the stifling summers where ventilation is so bad you can 10 plus years of heat this place was hit by. It’s not for the faint of heart (literally) but if you want good competition that’s rarely unrivaled by other locations on this list then this place is for you.
4/5 (Ventilation aside they have recently changed the 10+ year old rug fields to turf) 
Fairfax Sportsplex


5. Barcroft Park

Address: 4200 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206
Some would say this is the best of the bunch. Others would say this location is overhyped. From what we know, this has been one of the most popular locations for a decade by far. It’s one pitch, one goal or five minutes, winner stays on. Make sure to bring your team of friends or else you may never see the pitch especially on a Friday night. That’s where the magic happens. Anytime before five and the field is pretty much abandoned. Just know if you decide to enter in this lions den, be ready to give it your best shot. At Barcroft Park, you are the one among the hundred, make sure you bring 100.
3/5 (The pitch gets worn out quickly due to overuse. Also the high competitiveness isn’t for everyone.) 

 Barcroft Park

Those have been our top five locations to find football in the DMV area. Believe we missed a couple? Then leave a comment down below of your favorite location to go ball and who knows, maybe you’ll see it on our next article!


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