SQD 5's Cup

It's time. The SQD 5's Tournament is here! Sign up begins today. 8 Teams, 1 Winner, 15 minutes is all you got. Show your worth for the Inaugural SQD 5's Tournament!! Only teams in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area can enter.

Each game lasts 15 minutes. That's right 15 minutes to show what you and your squad can do! Make sure to bring a keeper with you because shots will be flying!

One thing though, goals can only be scored past the half line (sorry keepers but you can still assist like Ederson).

One more thing keepers, NO PUNTING. It's 5v5 who are you punting it to? Drop kicks? Meh, go ahead and try to keep it in bounds.

Kickoff will start at 10:00am, October 23rd on the dot so get there early.

Are you a fan of social media? This tournament will be filmed for our social media channels. If you haven't followed us yet check us out @sqdtv_ on IG! Don't want to be filmed? Don't worry, we'll be sending your captain a waiver and liability form to make sure you know what you're getting into.

This is our first tournament so take it easy! And remember this is for CHARITY! We're all out here to have fun!  

SQD 5's Tournament

Sign up here:



Group A Group B
Big Woo FC Boys United FC
Team 3 Team 4
Team 5 Team 6
Team 7 Team 8


Teams Registered:

1 Big Woo FC
2 Boys United FC
3 Team
4 Team
5 Team
6 Team
7 Team
8 Team


The Trophy:

Sqd 5s Cup Reveal


Sqd 5s Cup Reveal 2


The Venue:

Polk Goal

 Futsal Field 1

Futsal Field 2

Futsal Field 3