The V Anniversary

The V Anniversary

You wouldn't have known it but this is our five year anniversary. We've barely had time to celebrate it or talk about it until now. A lot has happened since, and we'll take you down the road a little bit to show you how it all started. Back in 2017, there began a movement, a realization that football and fashion would collide in a big way. People started to look for something more niche in the football culture and find other alternatives to display their love and talents in football. Here comes the rise of the footballers.
Platforms like Instagram, YouTube and tiktok gave a chance for individuals to show off their footballing talents in more unique ways. Over the years you've seen talents like Indie Cowie, Lisa Zimouche and others find a bigger platform.

At the same time smaller, niche brands were brought into a golden age. Exposure was easier than ever and all businesses had to do was keep posting attractive content. That's where we come in.
One day in 2017 I was looking for a shirt any shirt, that had basic football vocabulary, shirt with words like goals and football as well as more uncommon words outside of football such as tekkers and panna. After a month of searching bigger brands I couldn't find any. I looked online and found a couple but none really caught my eye. Out of frustration I decided I would create a football brand.
This idea came almost synonymous with the growth of freestyle football. The idea was to create a brand that represents their story, their passion but I didn't want to stop at freestyle. Every style of football has it's own story to tell. I decided I would try to encompass the story of each style of football there is, street, freestyle, beach, teqball with the style of streetwear.
The road has been anything but easy but making it to the five year mark is something we're truly proud of. In commemoration for this feat, our V Collection is out now. We'll also be dropping an OG Kit July 15th, which will include designs from past collections. Thank you for celebrating the world of football with us. We hope you can continue to enjoy the beautiful game for years to come. Speed, Quality, Determination. Living the dream.
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