Three Years and Counting: Squared Limited

Three Years and Counting: Squared Limited

It's not easy for any business to continue to thrive and prosper. Businesses go through many ups and downs that pride can end up being the sole motivator. I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel that way at some point. There were also many times where I felt that I should close up shop and move on... but I never did. 

Maybe it was the ideals that I grew up with as a kid. Perseverance was forever present in my household. The thought that you haven't tried until you've tried everything was a huge force growing up that whenever I reflect on the past, my present me will say, "You haven't done enough, there's still more to do."

Maybe it was the support that I've garnered these past three years. Whether it was from the people that I've worked with or the words of family and close friends that bit of positivity means everything.

Or maybe, it was the brand itself and what I want it to be. To be limitless means that there is an answer to every situation, that there is no limit to what you can do no matter how boxed in you feel. It's a feeling that every footballer has experienced on the soccer pitch.

There are many of us who have been put in an impossible situation and may feel boxed in. It's up to those around us to remind them that things can and will get better. As I continue to grow and build this culture I want it to be in a position for it to take care of those who are a part of it. The support that we have been given has been amazing so far and we will continue to serve those who enjoy it.


Thank you for the ever-growing support!


- Jeji

Owner of Squared Limited

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