New Release The: Bllrz Duffel

New Release The: Bllrz Duffel

Our Duffel bags have gotten a Bllrz makeover. Our Bllrz Duffel bags are perfect for the short trips to your football destination. Each colorway represents a football venue:

The LckyChrm represents the soccer pitch. The colorway represents the green of the field and the rays from the sun. 

 Bllrz Duffel LckyChrm

The CttnCndy colorway represents the gym. Gyms are typically multicolored with unsuspecting color combinations. You can always expect something different.

 Bllrz Duffel CttnCndy

The RayMn colorway represents the streets. The Blue of night and the red bricks of urban households surrounding the soccer courts emboldens this colorway.

 Bllrz Duffel RayMn

The LmnIce colorway represents the beach summer atmosphere. The clear blue waters and clear sand is the perfect venue for beach soccer.

 Bllrz Duffel LmnIce

Of course we couldn't forget the classic black and white renditions.

Bllrz Duffel BnWBllrz Duffel WnB

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